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What role does the fuse play in the circuit?

What role does the fuse play in the circuit?

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When the circuit breaks down or is abnormal, the current increases continuously, and the increased current may damage some important parts or expensive parts in the circuit, may also burn the circuit and even cause fire.
A fuse is an insurance against the burning of a wire by too much current. Actually is a kind of easy to blow a fuse of the fine wire, it can only by normal electric current, when the current exceeds a certain value, it will heat fusing and cut off power supply, so as to protect wires from the burn out, especially when the electrical wiring short circuit, if not quickly cut off power supply, wire will be burn out in a flash, and even fire. Overall, the fuse is protective.
If a fuse is installed here, the fuse will fuse itself to cut off the current when the current is abnormally raised to a certain height and heat, so as to protect the circuit's safe operation.
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