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Ceramic temperature fuse

Ceramic temperature fuse

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Product description

Product introduction

Ceramic temperature fuse is an irreducible thermal protection device, which is used for overheating protection of household appliances and industrial equipment. When the ambient temperature rises to an abnormal .

Its fully sealed structure ensures the stability and reliability of its fusing system, and is not affected by the adverse environment such as external humidity. Its main characteristics are: low melting point alloy ceramic tube type, small size, stable performance, convenient installation, large overflow, etc.It is suitable for overtemperature protection of household appliances such as rice cooker, electric heater, electric heating water bottle, motor, etc.

Product size

The general sizes of products are: 17*17mm, 36*36mm, 46*46mm, 63*63mm, 73*73mm, 70*100mm, 97*97mm, 115*115mm, 110*150mm.

Dimensions of products can be produced according to customers'requirements.

Electrical strength: 2500V AC, 50Hz, 1 min
Insulation Resistance: > 2M, Interruption Insulation Resistance < 0.2M
Leakage current: <0.2mA                           
Contact resistance: <0,028Ω

Electrical parameters

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