KSD302 Kick Thermostat

When the electrical appliance is working normally, the bimetal is in a free state, and the contacts are in a closed/disconnected state. When the temperature reaches the operating temperature, the bimetal is heated to generate internal stress and act quickly, opening/closing the contacts and cutting/connecting the circuit. , so as to control the temperature. When the appliance cools down to the reset temperature, the contacts close/open automatically, returning to normal operation.

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Temperature Control Specifications

Control Temperature Range:45-270℃


Electrical Specifications

Rated Working Voltage and Current:5-16A  125-250V

Scope of Application

Suitable for coffee pots, electric kettles, ovens, sandwich machines, copiers, heaters, microwave ovens, electric stoves, rice cookers, disinfection cabinets, electric medicine cookers, water purifiers, electric baking pans, electric frying pans, etc.


Fixed temperature, automatic reset, fast temperature response, stable temperature control and a variety of installation methods are available

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