Rice cooker intelligent temperature control switch

When the electrical appliance is working normally, the bimetal is in a free state, and the contacts are in a closed/disconnected state. When the temperature reaches the operating temperature, the bimetal is heated to generate internal stress and act quickly, opening/closing the contacts and cutting/connecting the circuit. , so as to control the temperature. When the appliance cools down to the reset temperature, the contacts automatically close/open and return to normal working condition

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Product Description

Temperature Control Specifications



Skills Requirement

Reset temperature can be set according to user requirements。

Service life: at rated load ≥ 10000 cycles

Normal electrical strength: 50Hz, 2000V, no breakdown or flashover for 1min。

Contact resistance: ≤5MΩ

Insulation Resistance:>100MΩ

Contact connection mode: normally closed or normally open two forms

Control temperature range:55-150℃±3K

Working voltage and current:250V5A


Scope of use

Lighting fixtures, batteries, induction cookers, motors, transformers, solar water heaters and similar electric heaters


Instructions for use

The thermal protector is suitable for overheating protection of various electrical, electronic equipment and household appliances and electrical appliances and their components such as motors and ballasts. Prevents dangerous over-temperatures of components in the event of failure, thus preventing accidents

The thermal protector is a sealed structure and can work normally in harsh environments; when the shell is metal, the metal shell is a live body, please use the high-temperature insulating sleeve provided by the factory when installing

When choosing a protector, you should pay attention to selecting the specifications suitable for its working voltage and working current.

The installation of the thermal protector should pay attention to the good connection of the leads to prevent the heat generated by the virtual connection from affecting the normal operation of the thermal protector.

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